Duijndam Machines VOF

2e Tochtweg 127
2913 LR Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
(Vùng: Zuid-Holland)
Hà Lan
Hiển thị số điện thoại
Hiển thị số Fax
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Dịch vụ cung cấp bởi Duijndam Machines VOF

  • Thiết bị đã qua sử dụng

Những thương hiệu tiêu biểu

  • Aweta
  • Javo
  • Bercomex
  • Simon
  • Imants

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About Duijndam

We offer you a large assortment in reliabe used machines against sharp prices. So are you looking for a machine with a good price/quality proportion, then we invite you to look freely at our store.
You are welcome from Monday till Friday from 08.00- 17.00.

Our reliability
The machines we sell are used, but in good condition. We check and clean them thoroughly before we stock them. So you will be buying a machine which runs properly. To be short:

Duijndam : your first choice for secondhand machines !

What else can we do for you ?

We also purchase your superfluous but good and modern machines:
• when you change cultures
• when you plan to invest in other machines or technique
• when you enlarge or finish your company

If you want to sell a valuable or special machine, it may not be easy to find a customer for this machine.
If such is the case we can use our professional knowledge of the market to find a buyer for your machine.
Against commission we mediate by the realization of the sales agreement.

It can be very interesting to know what the value of your machine is. At your request and against a reasonable compensation,

we can assess your agricultural and horticultural machines.

We like to work together worldwide with dependable businesspartners who can add an extra value
to the sale of our machines and the maintenance of our international relations.

Duijndam Machines , since 30 years your involved and reliable partner in used machines for agriculture and horticulture.

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    Từ khóa

    • Harvester
    • conveyors
    • planting machine
    • seeder
    • sorting machine
    • spading machine
    • Tumoba
    • potato grader
    • onion topper
    • vegetables

    The company offers services like: thiết bị đã qua sử dụng.

    Duijndam Machines VOF đại diện cho thương hiệu: Aweta, Javo, Bercomex, Simon, Imants.

    Công ty chuyên về Harvester, conveyors, planting machine, seeder, sorting machine, spading machine, Tumoba, potato grader, onion topper, vegetables.